HYMAX VERSA product family provides a highly versatile stainless steel coupling solution for connecting and repairing a wide selection of water and wastewater pipes. HYMAX VERSA products stand out for their outstanding durability and flexibility and are exceptionally fit for hot soil conditions.

HYMAX VERSA products can join pipes with same or different diameters as well as repair holes and cracks. This multi-functionality, along with extra-wide tolerance, enable keeping smaller inventories, saving stock cost and shelf space.

NEW! Meet the new member of the HYMAX VERSA product family: The HYMAX VERSA Encapsulation (sizes 1.5″-3″).

HYMAX VERSA Encapsulation (sizes 1.5″-3″) is the only encapsulation repair sleeve of its size to quickly and easily repair joint leaks, without the need to cut the joint. It can be wrapped around leaking joints connected to PVC and steel pipes while water pressure is lowered. Lightweight with only two bolts (5.5” length) and four bolts (11” length) to tighten, the HYMAX VERSA Encapsulation allows up to three degrees of dynamic deflection per side, reducing future pipe cracks and breaks.

Krausz USA keeps a high level of inventory in several sites across North America, offering short lead times, supporting our customers in emergency pipe repair situations. Per customers’ requests, we design custom-made products including extra-wide sizes, providing quality solutions for pipe repair, join and restrain applications, using diverse products and superior quality raw materials.

For HYMAX VERSA product installation instructions and individual specification sheets, please follow the links marked below to the product pages

HYMAX VERSA Installation Instructional Video
HYMAX VERSA Information Video
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