HYMAX GRIP® MJ Cut-in Sleeve (3″-12″)

New Ideal Solution for mechanical joint connections

HYMAX GRIP MJ Cut-in Sleeve (3″-12″) is a unique restraint coupling designed to connect valves and hydrants or existing lines with a mechanical joint connection. See product video.

Made from ductile iron, the HYMAX GRIP Cut-in Sleeve is the first transition coupling that can connect to a mechanical joint while restraining the connecting plain pipe with only one bolt to tighten.


  • The GRIP Cut-in Sleeve’s patented radial closing mechanism holds pipes tightly in place during installation, allowing full control over the gap between pipes.
  • As the pipe applies axial pressure, the GRIP chain increasingly tightens over the pipe, preventing pullout.
  • The patented GRIP chain offers circular restraint around the pipe, unlike typical wedge-style restraints that point-load the pipe and makes it weaker.


  • Patented universal gripping teeth for both plastic and metal pipes
  • The HYMAX GRIP Cut-in Sleeve has a wide working range for connecting pipes of different diameters and replaces the need to use dedicated-sized transition couplings to help reduce inventory costs and save shelf-space.


  • The HYMAX GRIP technology allows the connecting plain-end pipe to be slid and adjusted as needed, saving time on cutting and installing extra pipe.
  • The reduced number of bolts and lightweight design of the HYMAX GRIP Cut-in Sleeve make repairs safer and faster with less time spent in the ditch.
  • Installing the HYMAX GRIP Cut-in Sleeve effectively transforms the pipe connection into a flexible connection that can help save on repeated repair costs.


  • The HYMAX GRIP Cut-in Sleeve allows dynamic deflection of the pipe for up to four degrees per side, reducing future pipe cracks and breaks.
nominal pipe size: HYMAX GRIP Cut-in Sleeve 3"-12"
working pressure: See spec sheet
torque See spec sheet