HYMAX® CLAMP Wide-range Repair Solution

New HYMAX® CLAMP wide-range stainless steel clamps are excellent for repairing holes as well as longitudinal cracks in water and wastewater pipes. Their special design substantially reduces inventory and on-vehicle product stock since one HYMAX® CLAMP can be used to replace up to three traditional competitors’ clamps.

HYMAX® CLAMP is extremely efficient and cost effective, reliable and easy to install. With only two bolts to tighten (lengths up to 12”), new HYMAX® CLAMP is one of a kind. The enforced bolt holders (registered patent) enable easy installation by one person working alone.

Krausz keeps a high level of inventory in several sites across North America, offering short lead times, supporting Krausz’s customers in emergency repair situations. Per customers’ requests, we design custom-made products including extra-wide sizes, providing effective solutions for pipe repair, join and restrain applications, using diverse products and superior quality raw materials.

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For HYMAX CLAMP product specification sheets and product installation instructions, you can go to the download links on this page. 

HYMAX CLAMP current sizes* and special offers are now available in ND 1.5″-26″ and Lengths 6″-24″:

6” LENGTH – ND 1.5”-12” (2 bolts)

9” LENGTH – ND 1.5”-12” (2 bolts)

12” LENGTH – ND 1.5”-12” (2 bolts), ND 12”-26” (8 bolts)

15” LENGTH – ND 4”-12” (3 bolts), ND 12”-26” (10 bolts)

24” LENGTH – ND 4”-12” (4 bolts), ND 12”-26” (16 bolts)

For all products:

Working Pressure: 150 psi

Rated Pressure: 225 psi

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pdf HYMAX Clamp Brochure
pdf HYMAX CLAMP installation instructions
pdf HYMAX CLAMP specificarions