The HYJOINT family of coupling solutions is available with NBR gaskets that withstand hot soil conditions and offers a complete line of dedicated-range couplings, joining IPS PVC and steel pipes with the same diameter. All HYJOINT products offer a stab-on design, with either two or four top-facing bolts.

HYJOINT  coupling solutions require no disassembly, enabling the product to be installed virtually in seconds. HYJOINT products feature working temperature of up to +125°F. Hyjoint is available in a broad range of diameters, from pipe nominal size 2” to 24”.

Krausz keeps a high level of inventory in several sites across North America in order to offer short lead times and support our customers in emergency pipe repair situations. Per customers’ requests, we design custom-made products including extra-wide sizes that provide quality solutions for pipe repair, join and restrain applications, using diverse products and superior quality raw materials.

For HYJOINT product installation instructions and individual specification sheets, please follow the links to the product pages marked below.

pdf HYJOINT/Dismantling Joint Brochure
pdf HYJOINT 2"-24"
pdf HYJOINT & Long Body NBR 2"-24"
pdf HYJOINT Flange Adaptor EPDM 3"-24"
pdf Dismantling Joint 2" - 24"