Monthly Tip by HYMAX Expert: Run a Pipe Repair Checklist

by Doug Riseden

In the rush to get a pipe repaired, it’s easy to forget to record details about the repair. This information, however, can be very valuable to engineers, directors, supervisors, purchasing agents and end users. The data can be used to keep track of the piping infrastructure, make correction to plans, order the right products and prepare for obtaining approvals for line replacements.

Here’s a quick checklist to help you record information about the repair.

  • Person/s who made the repair
  • When the repair was completed
  • Type of repair performed
  • Time since the previous repair
  • Cause of the break (if known)
  • Size, OD and pipe material of the repaired pipe (the info on record isn’t always accurate)
  • Product used to make the repair (e.g. coupling, clamp, brand of the product)

Make it a habit to record this information and it will go a long way in planning and preparing for the future.

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