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Doug Riseden
Hi! It’s Doug Riseden, Technical Support Manager for Krausz USA.

With winter coming upon us, I thought it was worth giving advice on making sure you have the supplies you need in the face of bad weather.





bad weatherOrdering during the bad weather season
As we get into winter, it becomes increasingly important to have the products you need on your shelves and in good supply. During bad weather in the winter and also during hurricane season, distribution lines could be disrupted. Krausz will do everything to make sure product is available but there could be delivery issues due to road closures and power outages. Make sure that you have sufficient supplies on hand now so that bad weather doesn’t get in the way of getting what you need when you need it.

This same advice can be applied in the summer when staff are on vacation and during holidays such as Memorial Day, 4th of July and Labor Day. If you know that you have upcoming plans that require made-to-order products, order them early as it sometimes takes up to six weeks for delivery.


od-tapeThe importance of using an OD tape
It might seem like common sense but you need to use an outside diameter (OD) tape to determine what size of clamp or coupling you need to order. On a few occasions, I’ve met folks who couldn’t close the coupling because they didn’t measure the pipe with an OD tape, therefore the coupling was the wrong size. Use an OD tape every time to ensure you get the right clamp or coupling. I promise this will save you time and trouble. The label on each product will tell you if it is the right size for your pipe diameter.

As always, I love getting your questions. If you have one, just sent it to me at Happy holidays everyone!

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